Downham Men

As part of my project with the Downham Men’s Group I tried to snap some portraits of them during our Photo Walks and Workshops. It was a pleasure to work with these guys. They all share a passion for passing on the history of their area to future generations. This has certainly rubbed off on me. It is important to preserve not only the Natural Environment, but also architectural features and landmarks. The rate of change in London this year is unprecedented, and it is vital that future generations have a record of their heritage – whether it’s a Victorian stone horse trough that became a flower planter and was later stolen, or the species of animals and trees that are disappearing.

Painting with light vs. painting with Paint!

After painting on top of photos for a number of years, including the Murmillos installation, I did my 1st painting for the Coffee Art Project this year. I was delighted and amazed that it got selected for their exhibition at Truman Brewery. Today I attended my first painting class! I found a skull to paint which will become a theme for the FlimFlam exhibition in September for DeptfordX. I’m exploring the relationship between reality (do photographs represent reality?) and fiction (painting from the imagination, to produce surreality). Here is some work in progress. Just studies at this stage

Downham Photo Project

Delighted to have been selected to work with the Downham Men’s Group on a big photo project that will culminate in an exhibition in September for the Age Against the Machine Festival.

In session one we’ll be starting with the basics principles of photography, and light, and making “cyanotype” (sunprints). It’s a early photographic process that is so much fun! Lots of prep is involved. I’ve been mixing chemicals and coating paper in darkness, in the middle of the night. I’ve also made some negatives. Ran a few tests on the new batch of paper today, looking good: