Stuck at Home


Lockdown is rubbish for us photographers, we can’t go out and take photographs. We can play with what we’ve already got.

As part of our Juggernauts “The Diary is empty” Instagram project, I revisited these test strips (well squares) that I made for my liquid emulsion piece “Invisible Walls”. We are trapped behind more than just ‘invisible’ walls right now, it feels poignant. I started playing with these test pieces and with sunlight, sunlight is a great resource that comes free! I wrote and recorded the soundtrack on my iPhone. It expresses the unreal atmosphere of the new world we find ourselves in.

Let me know what you think. I’ve had good feedback from this little video, surprisingly. I think moving images is a great medium for the current time, it’s a longer format for those moments of boredom. Plus film can be immersive and escapist. Its comes easy to me as I began life working in film & TV, I might do some more experimenting.

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