Online Cyanotypes – a success !

I was trepidatious to try out an online workshop via Zoom, us artists sometimes find that technology is the opposite end of our spectrum! But I was delighted that we had attendees from the Midlands and here in South London, plus a representative of World Cyanotype Day joined us from Florida! It was interesting that exposure times for paper in the Midlands were about 30% longer than here in London , and it was a grey drizzly day everywhere. The class was a lot of fun. Stills form the afternoon are here

As the workshop was oversubscribed, I am running another on 24th July, details below:

This workshop is now FULLY BOOKED. See here for future workshops.

You will learn to make cameraless photographs “photograms” using this non-toxic process that originated in the 1800s. Each of the 5 (max) participants will need to purchase a specially prepared Cyanotype Kit via the link below so we are all using the same materials. The cost for the kit (and workshop) is a bargain at £29 inc p&p. The class runs for 2hrs, including a half-hour break so you can do some solid printing time and grab refreshments.

Kit Contains :

  • basic A4 printing frame
  • 10 sheets hand-coated A4 paper
  • 1 acetate for cliche verre
  • paper for stencils
  • Test strips
  • 1 lucky dip surprise item!
  • Latex gloves
  • pegs
  • recycled dark bag and packaging
  • Postage or hand delivery

You will also need
– Indoor space with good Wifi, or Data, and the app on your device
– Outdoor space or outdoor windowsill for exposing you prints to sunlight
– tray at least 2″ deep and A4 size, or a sink for rinsing your prints . Water.
– Washing line with pegs, or cardboard or plastic surfaces for drying prints
– a few flat plants, leaves or objects up to 6″ long

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