Event coming


I am indebted to the detailed local history knowledge that has been passed onto me by Maureen Vitner (of St. Nicholas Church), Malcom Cadman (John Evelyn Community Garden), and Richard Katona (Deptford writer). They have helped me with my research for my current commission for the Timberyard building. I have invited them to my Artist’s Talk on 16th Feb 2019 for an informal panel chat about the history of Deptford which I am depicting in some huge collages (example above). They have some fascinating insights so please come along. At the end of the talks there will be chance to paint a log slice and take it home. They make great coasters! Example coming to this page soon.

Also must thank all the people of Deptford I have met over the years, including those I’ve chatted with while making my photo series over a decade on Deptford High Street. Its a unique and inspiring place thanks its people past and present.

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