Deptford X & other buses


Since Lockdown work has been like buses, nothing for ages and then 3 projects at once. I always love Deptford X Festival as it interacts with my local community, but it was a lot of work this year because all work had to be outdoors. Artists had to find their own outdoor spaces, and I was walking down Deptford High Street in the pouring rain one day, and knocked on the door of a new bar (many places were still closed at this stage of lockdown). The venue (Badger Badger) were very hospitable and have allowed me to hang my work outside , and in the windows, and on the roof !

Now more than ever I see the value of physical art in a physical space like a street, and one that isn’t just a ticketed ‘art prison’.

My “Day 59” exhibition includes images from my Lockdown Diary in Cyanotype (book still in production!) and more responses to my thoughts on historic plagues. My work will come down at about 10pm on Sunday 18th July.

The opening event I held was online due to restrictions but it was quite a happening ! I gave a talk and demo but I then wanted to discuss pandemics in general , and we looked at the historic Plague Doctor. Having engaged the services of actor Ian Crosson, I was able to get a real Plague Doctor to join the Zoom and read my script that was based on my historic and scientific research.

I have my 1st in-person Cyanotype Workshop of the year planned on Friday 23rd July in Woolwich. Only £15 and a great opportunity to make some lovely blueprints in the midday sunlight. I am also planning a Process-A-Film Workshop for Fri 13 August – I am not sure if there will be interest in that but it can certainly save you a lot of money in the lab !

The other new project I am working on involves more mermaids – watch this space !

Event coming


I am indebted to the detailed local history knowledge that has been passed onto me by Maureen Vitner (of St. Nicholas Church), Malcom Cadman (John Evelyn Community Garden), and Richard Katona (Deptford writer). They have helped me with my research for my current commission for the Timberyard building. I have invited them to my Artist’s Talk on 16th Feb 2019 for an informal panel chat about the history of Deptford which I am depicting in some huge collages (example above). They have some fascinating insights so please come along. At the end of the talks there will be chance to paint a log slice and take it home. They make great coasters! Example coming to this page soon.

Also must thank all the people of Deptford I have met over the years, including those I’ve chatted with while making my photo series over a decade on Deptford High Street. Its a unique and inspiring place thanks its people past and present.